Full Height Foundation Blanket

  TLP FOUNDATION BLANKET is an insulating system designed to insulate concrete basements to code and will eliminate the high cost and extensive time required with conventional building code methods.

TLP FOUNDATION BLANKET is produced with  Owens Corning pink fibreglass insulation with a Polytarp Super Six mil polyethylene vapour barrier. A metal strap is enclosed in a poly pocket and the foundation blanket also comes with a 16” poly flap for beam fill insulation.

For more information on purchasing the TLP FOUNDATION BLANKET, please contact your local building centre as we do not sell direct to the customer. However, please feel free to contact us with any additional questions about the product that you may have.


Blanket Sizes

R20 – 4′ x 35′

R20 – 3′ x 35’’

R12 – 4′ x 50′

R12 – 3′ x 50′

Blanket Benefits

1. Quick and easy to install
2. Provides a continuous vapour barrier
3. Conforms to Ontario building code
4. Reduces air leaks around sill and header plate
5. Stud right over the blankets when installing walls

Installation Resources

Download our 'How to Install' Guide

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