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Self-Stick Insulation Anchors

Self-Stick Anchors simplify the installation of insulation to nonporous construction surfaces and non-weldable materials. Simply peel off the release backing, press in place, and then hang the insulation. There are no messy adhesives, or time-delay for adhesive curing.

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Insulation Anchors

Continental Sprindle Insulation Anchors simplify permanent installation to porous construction surfaces and non-weldable materials. They can be applied quickly and easily using only a putty knife and Continental Tactoo General Purpose Adhesive.

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Insulhold is an insulation hanger that allows walls to be insulated immediately without shealthing. It provides a horizontal bracing that prevents sagging due to water damage or moisture. This, in turn, prevents heat and sound loss. Insulhold can be used with most types of insulation in any width or thickness.


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Insulation Pins/
Quanset Huts

These insulation pins are used for the purpose of holding up the insulation in quanset huts.

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