ROXUL® products are mineral wool fibre insulations made from basalt rock and steel slag. This combination results in a non-combustible product with a melting point of approximately 2150°F (1177°C), which gives it excellent fire resistance properties. ROXUL mineral wool is a water repellent yet vapour permeable material.

Curtain Rock

ROXUL CURTAINROCK®, CURTAINROCK® 40 and CURTAINROCK® 80 are lightweight, semi-rigid stone wool insulation boards designed to meet a variety of curtain wall specifications. This product is designed specifically for use in curtain wall systems; suited for backpan or mechanical fastening applications.

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Technical Specifications

Curtain Rock


Curtain Rock 40


Curtain Rock 80

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ROXUL CAVITYROCK®’s semi-rigid insulation board is built for commercial cavity wall applications. Water repellent, sound absorbent and non-combustible insulation, ROXUL stone wool provides longstanding effective thermal insulation for the building envelope.

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CAVITYROCK® MD (mono density) – Offers powerful single-density insulation for cavity walls delivering an R-value/inch of 4.2 and is available in thicknesses of up to 2 inches.

CavityRock MD Technical Specifications

CAVITYROCK®DD (dual density) – For assemblies requiring higher R-values, ROXUL’s exclusive, dual density delivers an R-value of 4.3/inch in thicknesses of 2.5 to 5 inches.

CavityRock DD Technical Specifications


ROXUL ROCKBOARD is a high performance multi-purpose commercial insulation used in walls, ceilings and floors., Providing thermal resistance, fire protection and moisture management, ROXUL’s multi-purpose stone wool insulation board has you covered (also available as a semi-rigid board). A high performance multi-purpose commercial insulation,

ROCKBOARD® is available in a variety of thicknesses and densities.

ProductDensityTypical Applications
Rockboard 40 4 lb/ft3 A semi-rigid insulation board, ideal for general and mechanical room purposes.
Rockboard 60 6 lb/ft3 A rigid insulation board used for theatres and recording sound studios. Has as exceptional sound absorption.
Rockboard 80 8 lb/ft3 A rigid insulation board ideal for surfaces subject to high winds and when a higher compressive strength is required.

TLP faced Roxul products are available in a foil or white face. TLP performs the facing and will face 1 or 2 sides.
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Roxul AFB

ROXUL AFB® (Acoustical Fire Batt) is a lightweight, semi-rigid batt insulation specifically designed for steel stud interior wall and floor applications. This product is designed specifically for friction fit into wall partitions and system applications from party walls to plant/manufacturing walls

The AFB® product comes in a number of thicknesses to meet the requirements of both retrofit and new construction applications.

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Technical Specifications

Firewall 1 HR & 2 HR

ROXUL FIREWALL® 1HR & 2HR are a medium-density insulation product for interior and exterior walls in pre-engineered metal building construction. This product provides exceptional fire-resistance and energy savings.

FIREWALL® provides added fire protection for metal buildings in close proximity to other buildings, and is designed for interior or exterior non-load bearing metal panel wall assemblies where a fire resistance rating is required.

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Two product variations:

FireWall 1 HR holds a fire resistance rating of one hour, from the interior side. In addition, it holds a fire resistance rating of one hour from both sides,. This product is designed for exterior and interior non-load bearing steel faced fire wall applications where a fire resistance of at least one hour is required.

Technical Specifications

FireWall 2 HR holds a fire resistance rating of two hours, from the interior side, In addition, it holds a fire resistance rating of two hours from both sides. This product is designed for exterior and interior non-load bearing steel faced fire wall applications where a fire resistance of at least two hours is required.

Technical Specifications

Roxul Plus Metal Building

ROXUL PLUS® MB is high-density insulation batt for interior and exterior walls in pre-engineered metal building construction. This product provides exceptional fire-resistance and energy savings. ROXUL PLUS® MB is easy to install, easy to cut, is sag resistant for tight fits; high density never loses shape.

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Technical Specifications

FabRock Series

FABROCK™ is a product line that has been developed for the purpose of servicing the OEM market. It is a versatile product line that is engineered to be fabricated to fit variety of dimensional applications. Fabrock boards can be cut, faced and fitted while maintaining its performance and integrity.

FABROCK provides an effective sound and thermal barrier while the reflective facing offers a clean bright solution to increase the overall aesthetic. Can be used for underground garages.

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Technical Specifications

FabRock LT


FabRock 30

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ProRox Series

ProRox Series Brochure

ProRox® SL 500 Series of industrial boards (slabs) for compressive resistance and thermal performance in intermediate to high temperature ranges. ProRox® SL 500 Series products are engineered to provide exceptional strength to resist installation and delivery damage, as well as withstand high traffic areas onsite.

Technical Specifications:

ProRox SL 540


ProRox SL 560

ProRox® SL 900 Series of industrial insulation boards (slabs) for thermal performance in intermediate to high temperature ranges. Designed for industrial use where temperature, fire resistance, and moisture resistance are of concern.  ProRox® SL 900 Series provides ideal, sustainable solutions for boilers, furnaces, tanks, vessels and structural members, as well as other difficult to fit mechanical equipment.

Technical Specifications:

ProRox SL 920


ProRox SL 930


ProRox SL 940


ProRox SL 960


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