Agri Plus

Agri Plus II is designed to be friction fit in wood frame applications at 16” and 24” centres. It is ideal for both retrofit and new construction.

Agri Plus II is faced with our premium WMP-50 facing due to its strength and durability which is required in this type of application.

Agri Plus II standard rolls comes R12.6 (3.5”) x 75’long, R13.8 (4.0”) x 75’long or R21.6 (6.0”) x 50’long. These rolls are sold 2-3 rolls/bag depending on the width.

Agri Plus II also comes in custom widths and lengths ranging from an R-7 – R30. These products are available upon request. Please contact us for more information.




An excellent strength and highly abuse resistant that provides an enhanced installed appearance. WMP-50 is constructed of white polypropylene film, fibreglass & polyester scrim, # 30 natural kraft and metallized polyester.


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