Agri Plus

Agri Plus is a fine fibred flexible insulation blanket faced with a white reinforced vapour retarder facing. It is installed under the roof sheet on Agricultural Buildings. It is commonly referred to as a Condensation Blanket. It is ideal for use in barns, riding arenas, storage sheds, workshops etc.

All rolls are produced with 2.0” thick with an R7 value. All rolls are 48” inches wide and all the lengths are all custom cut to your specifications.

TLP recommends allowing 1-2’ ft. extra for the lengths of the roof rolls and allow 1’ ft extra for the wall rolls. Each roll is produced with a vapour retarder facing laminated to one side of each roll. A vapour retarder facing effectively limits the amount of moisture that can migrate into the insulation.


We carry many types of Lamtec vapour facings. For the Agri Plus applications, we recommend 3 facings to choose from:

Lamtecvrr Plus


Our lowest cost film/film product with a .02 perm rating.

(WVTR) WMP-VR-R PLUS is constructed of white polypropylene film, fibreglass scrim and metallized polyester.




An excellent general all purpose facing – industrial strength. WMP-10 is constructed of white polypropylene film, metallization, fibreglass & polyester scrim, and # 14 white kraft.




An excellent strength and highly abuse resistant that provides an enhanced installed appearance. WMP-50 is constructed of white polypropylene film, fibreglass & polyester scrim, # 30 natural kraft and metallized polyester.


Horizontal Installation Photos

Vertical Installation Photos

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